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2018March/April Customer Loyalty & Solid Footing In Your Local Market?, Make It Easy To Grab & Go
  January/February  Make It Quick & Convenient, Gen Z Demands Answers, Product Reviews Are In
2017  November/December Chip Cards & PINs, Free Samples, Organics Are A Must

 Best of IGC Show
 Buy Online, Pick Up In Store is an Opportunity for IGC's

 IGC Show Issue
 Facebook is Testing Loyalty Program You Might Find Useful for Your Garden
 Center in the Near Future

 IGC Show Preview
 Here's Inspiration for Taking Online Plant Sales to the Next Level!

 March/April This Will Put a Spring In Your Step: Retail Sales Will Increase 3.7% - 4.2% This
 Year, NRF Forecasts

 January/February Gen X, Gen Y...Now Gen Z is Shaking up the Retail Landscape
2016 November/December Good Earth Garden Center's Staff Rewards Program Extends Good Will to
  Best of IGC Show Gen Z is Price-Conscious and Experience-Driven: How Will you Hook Them?
   IGC Show Issue Sell the Real Estate Value of Your Products & Services!
   IGC Show Preview Specialty Grill Rubs & Marinades Will Add That Extra 'Spice' to Your Product  Mix All
 Year Round
  March/April Good News for Edible Sales! 'Vegetables are the New Meat', Foodie Trend  Watchers

 January/February For Your Spring Spruce-Ups! Tax Relief for Remodels,
 Improvements Are Up for Approval

 Watch Your Website! EMV Card Security at Store Checkouts Could
 Mean Trouble For Your Online Store

  Best of IGC Show
 If Even Just One Customer is Unhappy, You Want to Hear About It
  IGC Show Issue
 Go Ahead, Ask Your Customers to Give to Charity - They Like It
  IGC Show Preview
 Never Miss a Single 'May I Help You' Moment or You Could Miss
 that Purchase

 Watch for a Surge In Millennial Homeowners in the Next Four Years -
 And Make Sure You're Stocked for It

 Thinking About a Store Remodel? Research Touts the ROI of a Revamp
 'Show Me You Know Me' Is the Way to Earn Your Customers' Loyalty
  Best of IGC Show
 Got Gift Cards?
  IGC Show Issue
 Millennials are Finally Catching on to the Joys of 'GYO'
  IGC Show Preview
 Your E-Blasts Aren't Annoying, They're Important, Shoppers Say
 Smile! Great Customer Service is Good for Everyone
  January/February More Shoppers Prefer Your Store to Purchasing Online!
2013 November/December Use Color to Increase Sales!
  IGC Show Issue
 Get Inspired!: New Products, New Ideas, New Opportunities!
  IGC Show Preview
 On the Set With Taniya
  March/April Stay True To Your Promises
  January/February Renewal
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