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2018 January/FebruaryThese Three Trends Will Help You Appeal To Every Customer
2017  November/December How To Spot The Trends That Will Endure & Return Dividends

 IGC Show Issue
 Stop the Ambiguity! Communicate your Color Story Clearly

 IGC Show Preview
 Outside-the-Box Ways to Use Boxes to Dress Up Your Displays

 March/April Move Over Boomers, Millennials Are on the March!

 January/February These Trends Require Your Undivided Attention in 2017
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 January/February Bring the 'Inside Out' & 'Outside In' to Pique Curiosity
 'Bud and Bloom' & Other Inspirations From the Flower Shows
  Best of IGC Show
 Make Your Pots Pop! Container Display Pointers That Really Work
  IGC Show Issue
 Put More Sizzle in Your Summertime Displays!
 Selling With Humour: It's Serious Business for Your Garden Centre
2014 November/December
 Look Up! Fun and Effective Ways to Use Height in Displays
  Best of IGC Show
 Put Your 'Green' Message Out There for Your Customers to See
  IGC Show Issue
 Eight Way to Use Texture That Will Captivate Your Customers
  IGC Show Preview
 Gen Xers Have Cash to Spend, Now Get Them to Spend It with You
 Colour, Used Correctly, Turns Browsers Into Shoppers
  January/February Seven Essentials for Strong Supporting Elements
2013 November/December Six Trends That Will Change the Way You Display
  Best of IGC Show
 Sign with the Times! Messages That Speak to Today's Consumer
  IGC Show Issue
 The 'Ah' Moment: Turning Emotion Into Sales
  IGC Show Preview
 Give Today's Woman What She Wants From Your Garden Center
  March/April Scent:  Using the Most Powerful Sense to Sell
  January/February Celebrating the Joy of Celebration - All Year Long
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