IGC Show Preview             Jayson's Mashup Housewares Plus Plants


March/April                        Gardens of Babylon Gives Back Via Local Outreach


January/February              Martin's Makeover Makes Houseplant Take Off!


IGC Show Issue                  'Yard-To-Table' Edible Landscaping Is A Draw For Urban Dwellers

IGC Show Issue                   Pesche's Million-Dollar Online Fairy Biz

IGC Show Preview              'History & Family' Are At The Center Of Hawthorn Gardens' Store


March/April                         Russell's Garden Cafe Is An 'energy Center' For Molbak's

March/April                         Sidewalk Sales Revs Up Summertime Sales at Ravenna Gardens

January/February               #heyswansons Hashtag 'Exponentially' Increases IGC's Visibility Online

January/February               Container Design Contest In July Draws Crowds In Droves




November/December        'Get Your "Buzz On" Weekend' Mixes Bees & Brews For Father's Day

November/December        Carolina H&G Is Community's 'Hangout Spot' Thursday Nights 

November/December        Terrain Puts A Push Behind Special Events With New Venue 

Best of IGC Show                 Gale's Helps Shelter Pets Find 'A Home for the Holidays'

IGC Show Issue                    Atrium's Float Brings a Rush of Parade-Goers In to Shop

IGC Show Preview               Chamber Holiday Party Brings Good Will to Pasquesi Year-Round

IGC Show Preview               Customers Call These Store Display Gardens Their 'Happy Place'

March/April                          Cross Creek's Outdoor Showcase Makes Instant, Lasting Impressions

March/April                          Sneed's Switch to Organics Resonates With Customers

January/February                Sage Kitchen Serves up 40% of Store's Revenue

January/February                Southern IGC is a Nationally-Sought Wedding Destination




November/December        Kids Cooking Classes Dish Up Sales

November/December        Feral Cats Find Safe Haven at Mesquite Valley Growers Nursery

November/December        Valentine's Promo Spreads the Love

Best of IGC Show                 Kitchenware Spices Up Gift Dept.

Best of IGC Show                 New Bromeliad House Trends a 22% Uptick in Sales

IGC Show Issue                    'Make & Take' Workshops Tailored to Taste

IGC Show Issue                     Rhoad's Summer Camp Grows Gardeners

IGC Show Preview                Primex's App is 'A Silent Salesperson'

IGC Show Preview                Lurvey's New Retail Space Built to Reinforce Store's Brand

March/April                           Al's Cocktail Party Sells Herbs, Grills with 'Mad Men' Style

January/February                 Girls Thyme Brings in the Ladies With Food, Specials and Fun