JIM BRADLEY    THE MAVERICK  dynamic retail

Jim is the driving visionary behind renowned Mid Ulster Garden Centre in Northern Ireland. He has gained international recognition for his outstanding creativity in merchandising. Never being afraid to try something new is what propels his store displays to a whole new level. 

   ROBERT HENDRICKSON    IGC RETAIL  rules of the road

Robert is Chief Story Teller for Next New Planet, a company focused on creating stories for retailers that consumers can't wait to hear. Formerly, he was Managing Director of The Garden Center Group. Robert 'quit' the industry and now is now enjoying more time with his wife and business partner Wendy on their farm, Three Gs: goats, grandchildren and garden. Thank you Robert for your insights through the years!

   HENRY HUTCHESON    FAMILY MATTERS  lessons for life

Henry consults with family-owned businesses to optimize their operations. He is the Author of Dirty Little Secrets of Family Business, and is a highly sought after speaker and consultant nationwide. 

    KYLE LACY  SOCIAL MEDIA straight talk

Kyle is the author of three acclaimed books, Twitter Marketing for Dummies, Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself and Social CRM for Dummies. He is Head of Marketing Strategy for OpenView Venture Partners, a venture capital group in Boston.


Cheryl has spent her entire adult life in the garden center industry under the mentoring of her late father-in-law Dick Morey, and beloved husband Jeff. She is Co-Publisher of IGC Magazine and Co-Founder and Producer of the IGC Show and along with her husband of 37 years. She is also Director of Operations for Garden Centers of America, America's only association dedicated solely to the needs of independent garden centers.



Jeff grew up in the garden center industry under the mentoring of his late father Dick. He is Co-Publisher of IGC Magazine and Co-Founder and Producer of the IGC Show and along with his wife of 37 years.

    JUDY SHARPTON  IGC INGENUITY success stories

Owner of Growing Places Marketing, she specializes in on-site consultations on store design, development, renovation and branding, as well as product selection and placement, exclusively for IGC retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Much of this work has been concentrated in small markets for stores with limited resources but unlimited energy and commitment.

    TOM SHAY  BIZ PLANS real world

Tom grew up around his family's store and considers retailing "in his blood." He transformed this hands-on experience into a career as a national speaker and consultant to small- and mid-sized retailers. He has participated as a featured presenter at regional and national horticulture events.


John is an internationally respected retail expert who has contributed to lawn and garden retail for more than 20 years in 15 countries.