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General Information

IGC Magazine
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Clearwater, FL 33759
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Customer Service

For inquiries about your subscription, lost issues, back issues or anything else that requires an expert customer care specialist, call Cathy!

Cathy Schmidt
Customer Care Specialist
(727) 754-6567  direct line
Email: Cathy@IGCMagazine.com


Have a story idea? A comment about an issue, either good or bad? Have a question about an industry topic? Our editors have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Jeff Morey
(888) 266-6868  direct line
skype: jeffigc1

Advertising Sales

Want to increase your sales by placing an ad in IGC Magazine, exhibiting in IGC Show Chicago, running website banner ads or sponsoring events? Our sales pros have the answers.

Rob Bailey, Rob@IGCMagazine.com(847) 777-1796  direct line

Heath Watson, Heath@IGCMagazine.com(727) 418-6767 direct line

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