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Bucks Country Gardens

The bold vision and outside-the-box business decisions of Owner Tom Hebel has propelled Bucks Country Gardens' sales to $6.26 million with 20 other garden centers and six big box stores within a 10-mile radius of his store...   Read More


Rustic Farm Vibe

Mixing rustic repurposed vintage items and lush plant material, this store's merchandisers use different textures and heights, while pairing complementary items together, drawing in those who want to de-stress and shop....   Read More

Draw Crowds In Droves In July

Wells Medina Nursery's container garden contest inspires customers to go above and beyond with their own combinations and designs. "We get a lot of people and a lot of sales from it, and it promotes foot traffic...   Read More

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That's All Folks!  by Robert Hendrickson

Known and respected for challenging convention and stretching people to think outside the box, Robert Hendrickson says goodbye to the industry...  Read More

There's Still Time For These Improvements Before Spring Peaks  by Judy Sharpton

In case you missed the memo, March 20 is the first day of spring. If you're still trying to decide which store renovation project is most worthwhile, here are two suggestions that are still doable, before the peak season hits...  Read More

Dare To Be Different & Make It Memorable For Shoppers  by John Stanley

Part of Brisbane-based Mappins Nursery + Aquarium's bold and daring energy includes graffiti-style murals of musical legends Prince, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Keith Richards and others by a local artist to generate an eclectic, trendy vibe...  Read More

When It's The Customer Harrassing  igc inbox reader letters

In response to the open letter by Kellee Magee O'Reilly, we need to look at it from behind the counter, too, when it's the customer making a comment to the cashier...  Read More

'Creepy' Behavior Gets 'Creepier'  igc inbox reader letters

As a woman who owns our garden center, my main concern for my employees is their well-being and safety. I never dreamed that anything like have 'creepy' employees would happen... Sherry Mistretta, Owner, Heartland Nursery & Garden Center, Kansas City, MO, speaks up...  Read More

Centre Ridge Garden Center Selected As Favorite In Newark, NJ  by the Secret Shopper

Industry Events

national & regional 

Sept 27-29 America in Bloom Symposium

& Awards Celebration

Lexington, KY

Nov 28-30 New England Grows

Boston, MA


January 9-11    Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade


Baltimore, MD

January 16-18 Tropical Plant International


Ft. Lauderdale, FL


September 6-8 Dallas Total Home & Gift


Dallas, TX

distributor shows

Sept 19-20 BFG Supply Co. Expo

Cleveland, OH

Sept 19-20 Gard'N-Wise Distributors

Denver, CO

Sept 26-27 Griffin Expo

Lancaster, PA

October 3-4 L&L Marketplace Retailer


Reno, NV


Sept 16-21 International Garden Centre

  Association Congress

Prague, Czech Republic


January 22-25 IPM Essen

Essen, Germany

January 25-29   Christmasworld

Frankfurt, Germany

January 25-29  Floradecora

Frankfurt, Germany

February 13-14   The Garden Retail Experience


Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

February 8-12  Ambiente

Frankfurt, Germany

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